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I was born in London into a seemingly conventional family. We lived in Nottinghill, which as a child in the sixties was a brilliant, bohemian and exciting place to be. My parents were extremely supportive of the arts and encouraged every aspect from acting to drumming to clay sculpture. In the basement of our house there was a large room, in which we were allowed to play havoc . So we painted the walls, made up plays, used plaster of paris and bags of clay (supplied by my mother). In this room we also had a vervet monkey, a bush baby, twenty one white mice and a couple of gerbils. Every Sunday my father would drop me and my brothers and sister at the zoo while he vanished to follow other pursuits. This is when I became immersed in the beauty of animals and birds.

Before going to college I did evening classes with a sculptor called Jean Gibson and this experience gave me the confidence to apply to Art School. I got a first class honours degree at St Martin’s School of Art in 1979. St Martin’s opened my eyes to abstraction, serendipity and spontanaeity. During this time I discovered steel and have never looked back. I enjoy it’s flexibility and strength. It is the material of my choice for the subjects that I want to create. This period was inspirational and explosively creative. I then went on to do an M.A at the Royal College of Art 1980- 1983. Here I received the Special Melchett Award for work in Steel, the Fulham Pottery Award and a travel scholarship to Carrara.


I have produced many public and private commissions and am in collections in the US , France, Switzerland, Italy and the UK. A large commission in collaboration with Levitt Bernstein Architects on the redevelopment of the Old Royal Free Hospital in Islington in 1993 won the Europa Nostra Prize. In 1995 I won an award from The Jackson Pollock-Lee Krasner Foundation for work to date.

Artist Statement

My practice as a sculptor is central to my identity. Sculpture allows me to express how I feel and so connect with others and the world around me. It keeps me in touch with my earlier unselfconscious self where the world had a connectedness: the birds to the trees to the sky. It is a way of losing myself in that world again. A world of shapes, light and texture.

One of the biggest influences in my life is a small town in the Pyrenees called Begur. I went there often as a child. I loved the steel balconies and sculptures around me, and spent many hours in a forge in the small town of Palafrugell, watching the blacksmith. From an early age I could see that steel could speak and create a feeling of drama and beauty. I still return there often and this area and landscape informs my practice as a sculptor.

Last year and this year I have been working on two large commissions for a development north of Chelmsford. I worked at Benson Sedgwick Engineering in Dagenham with their team to produce seven large deer, two stags and five does. Three are already installed and the next four will be installed on December 10th (Please see current projects) Following on from this I have been artist in residence at Bensons in Dagenham. I have been using scrap bronze and scrap stainless steel from their bins and skips. It has been an exciting challenge learning to tig weld and use both bronze and stainless steel. The new work is largely abstract but with the feel of landscape: the feel of rivers, wind, sea and mountains. I am also exploring using colour with these pieces. I want the work to be informal, loose and bold.

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Jane Ackroyd MA RCA FRBS



St Martin’s School of Art: BA Honours First Class

Royal College of Art: Master of Arts Sculpture



Artist in Residence, Benson Sedgwick Engineering, Dagenham, UK

The Oppenheimer Award

The Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner Foundation Award

The Europa Nostra Prize

Fulham Pottery Award

Special Melchett Award for work in Steel 


Solo Exhibitions

Review, Winton Avenue, London   

Chantegrenouille, The Lund Gallery, University College School, London

New Work, Winton Avenue, London   


New Sculpture, New Hall Collection, Murray Edwards College, Cambridge
Clyde & Co, International Law Firm


Adventures y Conclusiones, El Centro Cultural, Begur, Catalunia, Spain


Running Wild in The Tea Room, The Royal Geographical Society


Celebration Exhibition, Lynne Slattery, Whitgelands, Chelsea, London


Major Retrospective, Provost’s Garden, Worcester College, Oxford


Solo Show, Anderson O’Day, Portobello Road, London


Solo Show, Anderson O’Day, Portobello Road, London


Solo Show, Gainsborough’s House, Sudbury

Group Exhibitions

Small is Beautiful, Flowers Central, London

Perspectives, Petronilla Silver  

Summer Exhibition, Royal Society of Sculptors, London


Small is Beautiful, Flowers Central, London


Summer Exhibition, Royal Society of Sculptors, London

Fresh Air Sculpture, Quenington

Small is Beautiful, Flowers Central, London

Summer Exhibition, Royal Society of Sculptors, London

Small is Beautiful, Flowers Central, London


Small is Beautiful, Flowers Central, London


Criminal Ornamentation, UK travelling Exhibition curated by Yinka Shonibare MBE
Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester; Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter; Longside Gallery, Wakefield; Southampton Art Gallery


Wildlife Artist of the Year, Mall Galleries, London

Parallel Lines, Lightbox Gallery, Woking

Summer Exhibitionat, The Royal Society of Sculptors, selected by Greville Worthington


Summer Exhibition, The Royal Academy and also in 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006, 2005, 2002, 2000, 1995-1998 

Bongo Beep, The Forge and Foundry, Camden, London


2010 Small is Beautiful, Flowers Central: also in 2003, 2007, 2008


2009  From The Same Mould, Toucan Gallery, London


2008 Skill and Serendipity, Kingsgate Gallery, London

1998 British Figurative Art, Flowers East, London


1995 The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London


1996 The Royal West of England Academy: also in 1993


1986 Anti Thesis, Angela Flowers


1984 Recent Acquisitions, Arts Council of Great Britain


Major Commissions

Wyvern, Burgess Hill, Sussex, Croudace

El Garbi, Bronze Sculpture, Private Client


Hop Stringers, Maidstone, Kent, Croudace


Palamos, Commissioned for Madame Poutrel, Normandy, France


Spring Watch, Countryside Plc., Beaulieu, Chelmsford, UK


Autumn Watch, Countryside Plc., Beaulieu, Chelmsford, UK

Memorial gate for Lesley Silver, Maida Vale, London

Bird Wall for Coteford Infant School

Los Balcons, Catalunia, Spain


Frog Family, Dominic Orr, California

John Donne, St Paul’s Cathedral, short listed

Amber and Jade, Dominic Orr, California


Duma, Private Client


Gate for Selina Lo, California


Sheep for Victoria Wood


Herring Gull, London Docklands Development Corporation, London Docklands


Architectural Steel work, Old Royal Free Development , Islington, London


Moonlight Ramble, Haymarket, London, Land Securities


The Little Prince, Greater Manchester Council


Numerous private commissions completed between 1983-2016


Public Commissions

The Arts Council of Great Britain
The Contemporary Arts Society
London Docklands Development Corporation
Greater Manchester Council
The Harlow Arts Trust
Leicestershire Education Society
Lloyds Bank
Peterborough Development Corporation
The European Bank for Reconstruction
The King’s Fund

Private Collections

Many Private Collections in the UK, USA, France and Switzerland

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