Commission for Croudace Homes.

Wyvern, work in progress

Wyvern, work in progress

Small is Beautiful

Jane will be exhibiting in this group exhibition at Flowers Central, 21 Cork Street, London W1S 3LZ, UK.

27 November 2019 to 8 January 2020

Criminal Ornamentation


Hop Stringers

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Jane's latest public commission for Croudace Homes Group Limited, Hop Stringers, were installed in Hermitage Lane, Maidstone, Kent on 28 July 2018 and launched at an official opening ceremony in September 2018.

The three sculptures are a link back to the hop farming methods of the 20th century. The hop vine stringers stood on four metre stilts to string the vines or bines for the hops to climb up. 

And you and I

A book by Jane Ackroyd and Zöe Parker

and you and i cover.jpg

Jane Ackroyd and Zoë Parker wrote this book together in the year they both turned 60 and are currently looking for a publisher. 

Lifelong friends, they wanted to create something beautiful together to celebrate their friendship, mark their lives and remember people they loved who have died.

They made the book as a joint autobiography in which the words and the pictures are equally important. As they wrote and designed the book they understood a bit more about what it means to be a human being. They saw connections and contrasts between them as two people with some shared childhood and family experiences and then divergent life-paths.

Jane illustrated the book with illuminated letter to open the chapters and line drawings to decorate it throughout and to express what cannot be put into words. They assembled collages of family photos to evoke different memories and show how family and friends they loved looked (and changed) in their lives.

Jane worked closely with the designer, Kaz Takabatake, to achieve the look we wanted and we imagined the book's format as square measuring about 25cm / 10 inches. The proportion is important as it marks it out as a book where text and pictures have equal weight.

The format symbolises the bringing together of our two main ways of communicating who we are and what we think and feel about things (Zoë always obsessed with words, reading and writing; Jane as a prolific visual artist and sculptor)

Jane Ackroyd and Zoë Parker have written a big, beautiful family history that is more than just family and a lot more than just history. They have called it an ‘artobiography’ with good reason – it’s packed with paintings, drawings and photographs exquisitely curated to complement the story of two families and one huge, lasting friendship. It is a unique celebration of love and connectedness that has made me think hard about my own roots, inspiring delight and envy in roughly equal measure.

Geoffrey Durham
(A magician and actor who was known for many years as "the Great Soprendo)