artist statement

My practice as a sculptor is central to my identity. Sculpture allows me to express how I feel and so connect with others and the world around me. It keeps me in touch with my earlier unselfconscious self where the world had a connectedness: the birds to the trees to the sky. It is a way of losing myself in that world again. A world of shapes, light and texture.

One of the biggest influences in my life is a small town in the Pyrenees called Begur. I went there often as a child. I loved the steel balconies and sculptures around me, and spent many hours in a forge in the small town of Palafrugell, watching the blacksmith. From an early age I could see that steel could speak and create a feeling of drama and beauty. I still return there often and this area and landscape informs my practice as a sculptor.

Last year and this year I have been working on two large commissions for a development north of Chelmsford. I worked at Benson Sedgwick Engineering in Dagenham with their team to produce seven large deer, two stags and five does. Three are already installed and the next four will be installed on December 10th (Please see current projects) Following on from this I have been artist in residence at Bensons in Dagenham. I have been using scrap bronze and scrap stainless steel from their bins and skips. It has been an exciting challenge learning to tig weld and use both bronze and stainless steel. The new work is largely abstract but with the feel of landscape: the feel of rivers, wind, sea and mountains. I am also exploring using colour with these pieces. I want the work to be informal, loose and bold.

I have a new commission coming up in the spring to make a twenty foot sculpture to the west of Paris. This will be abstract and I will use colour. Please see current projects for proposals for this work.